Hic Number Suffixes

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Hic Number Suffixes

Medicare Suffixes
Medicare Suffixes. Here’s what the letters behind the Medicare number mean: *A = retired worker. B. = wife of retired worker. B1 = husband of retired worker.

Bulletin Number: xxxxxx – Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
HIC Format – A correct HIC number consists of 9 numbers immediately followed by an alpha suffix. Take special care when entering the HIC number for …

040413 Educational Series – Medicare Insurance Cards
Information describing the HIC number alpha suffix is available via: • MEDTRON User Guide: Medicare Policy #/HIC Codes. • CMS manual (beginning on page …

Medicare Part B Newsline June 2012 – Cahaba GBA
Jun 1, 2012 … The suffix in the Health Insurance Claim (HIC) number submitted … The suffix submitted for the beneficiary’s HIC number is invalid. For a list of.

Medicare HIC Number Suffixes – PDF
MEDICARE HIC NUMBER SUFFIXES Effective for cards issued …
Medicare Part B Newsline April 2012 – Cahaba GBA
Apr 6, 2012 … The suffix in the Health Insurance Claim (HIC) number submitted for the … The suffix submitted for the beneficiary’s HIC number is invalid. For a.
Medicare Part B Newsline May 2012 – Cahaba GBA
May 28, 2012 … INVALID HIC NUMBER SUFFIX. The suffix submitted for the beneficiary’s HIC number is invalid. For a list of valid suffixes and their meanings …
Health Insurance Claim Number Form (HIC #) – Regence
5. Your Medicare Health Insurance Number (HIC #) including the alpha prefix, or suffix, and the effective dates as indicated on your Medicare card. A. HIC #: …
CMS-1500 Claim Form and Unprocessable/Rejected Claims Manual
The following are examples of valid HIC number suffixes: Health Insurance Claim (HIC) Number. Traditional. All claims require the complete Health Insurance …
16. Medicare Coverage – County of Santa Clara
Jun 4, 2013 … 1. A Social Security number (9 digits) followed by a suffix (alpha or alpha numeric ). The following codes are frequently seen in HIC numbers:.
Medicare Physician Guide: A Resource for Residents, Practicing …
The HIC number on the health insurance card issued by CMS has an alpha or alphanumeric suffix and the Social Security Number (SSN), which is usually either …
PGBA Home Health Training Manual – Health Directions Inc
important in the case of female beneficiaries, since their name, HIC number and suffix may change according to marital status. Medicare Health Insurance Card …
ccs claims data dictionary – Department of Health Care Services
Feb 7, 2007 … HIC Nbr. 12. Health Insurance Coverage ID. The HIC number is an SSN with suffix that describes how that person is related to the SSN.
complete report – Office of Inspector General – U.S. Department of …
May 24, 2012 … (HIC) number. For beneficiaries eligible for Social Security, the HIC consists of the beneficiary’s 9-digit social security number plus a suffix.
2013 Billing Guide – Tri-Cities Laboratory
Apr 1, 2013 … Insurance ID number (Medicare HIC # + Prefix or suffix character(s)). Marked Test (s) being ordered with appropriate and valid ICD-. 9 for every …
Tips for Completing the CMS-1500 Claim Form – ValueOptions
Mar 25, 2013 … Required List the Insured’s identification number here. THIS MUST MATCH … last name suffix (e.g., Jr, Sr) enter it after the last name, but before …
Billing guide – PAML
Sep 2, 2000 … Sample Medical Assistance ID (MAID) Card With HIC Number. 28. Sample Medical …. and numbers are required for all requests to bill insurance. Please …… Insurance ID number (Medicare HIC # + prefix or suffix character(s)).
Challenges in Merging Medicaid and Medicare … – Springer
ity number (SSN) and a two-character suffix, beneficiary identification code (BIC). One in- dividual can have multiple HIC numbers, as the. BIC may change for …
Quick Reference Guide – Palmetto GBA
Oct 3, 2012 … Transaction Access Number (PTAN) cannot be issued unless you are ….. NOTE: All Railroad Medicare HIC numbers begin with a letter(s) and are …… letters followed by suffix of “Jr.” or “Sr.” then the last name would need to …
a complete copy of the Billing Manual – Mississippi Division of …
suffix. Upon receipt of the newborn’s own Medicaid ID number, it is the … correct Medicaid ID number (not a social security number or Medicare HIC number) that.

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